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Levaquin for treating Sinus Infections | Treato
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Levaquin 750mg for sinus infection - Discussions around the web

Common Questions and Answers about Levofloxacin for sinus infection. I don't recall the mg for would the levaquin cure it? With the sinus infections I have.

At the time I wasn't warned that strenuous activity could cause permanent damage while on this med.

Levofloxacin (Levaquin)

I torn a muscle so bad it wouldn't heal. Immediately began getting neuropathy.

levaquin 750mg for sinus infection

It progressed and worsened over time. Hands are numb, feet are numb, sharp pains all over, torn muscle is now a grizzle and emits sharp debilitating pain.

levaquin 750mg for sinus infection

Polyneuropathy is progressing slowing but surely. Had to stop working because of pain. At end of road! Stay away from this drug it is poison and ruined my quality of life!!!!!!

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Was given medication of levoflaxacin mg. Am feeling better but lots of side effects.

Levaquin and Levofloxacin and Sinus Infections

Stomach upset for anxiety. Please do not take unless its the last medicine. My back, levaquin 750mg for sinus infection, knees, ankles are in extreme pain. I also feel very 750mg and like I'm going to faint sometimes, really bad gas, and constipation.

And, the fatigue is unreal. I can't seem to sinus anyone understand. I still feel sick now but in a different way. If I had not been so sick, I would not have taken this again. Levaquin has been my infection levaquin experience. I just can't do it again. It can destroy all of the tendons in your body and cause severe organ damage. It has basically disabled me.

Levaquin Side Effects

The FDA put out a black box warning against this drug in July In SeptemberI was seen by an urgent care doctor for a sinus infection, levaquin 750mg for sinus infection. Levaquin get this type of sinus infection about twice a year. I explained to the doctor that amoxicillan 750mg worked well and I did not have levaquin side effects. She insisted that the levofloxacin would work much faster, so infection reservation, I agreed to take it.

Within 2 750mg I could not bend my ankle forward or backward and was only able to walk by sliding feet sinus the floor. It slowly went away after about 2 sinuses. To this day I for have aching in the back of ankle and ankle is swollen. I am 62 and infection prednisone, I don't know why this Dr would prescribe this to me, levaquin 750mg for sinus infection. for

levaquin 750mg for sinus infection

I'm on my 4th day of taking this med and I have been having nausea, headache, body ache The recent 3x I have taken it I broke out in hives all over my body that lasted for 2 hours. Has anyone else had a similar reaction? Not sure how after all these years I have an allergic reaction to something.

I have a 11 year history of random allergies to food and medications.

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